That Lighting Shop at Home

That Lighting Shop at Home

A couple of months ago I was asked by Style at Home magazine if they could come and visit me at my home to chat about That Lighting Shop and have a sneak peak at my newly renovated flat.

After hours of talking light bulbs, lumens and LED's, conversation turned to the challenges of getting onto the property ladder and finally, what do you do when you’ve spent every penny on buying your first place, how do you afford to do the place up! The answer for us was that we had no choice other than to get out hands dirty. Our evenings were spent watching YouTube videos on how to lay solid oak flooring, how to hang doors, basic plumbing… you name it, we’ve probably watched it.

It took us close to two years for us to finally finish all of the work. Two years of hard work, late nights, tears (on my part) and countless paint samples. But slowly the property was coming together, which gave us the motivation to get the work done so that we could finally sit back and enjoy it… And in the end, we made it!

Before launching I was a Buyer for Heal’s in London, which was where my love of lighting began. Seeing the impact lighting could have on the home really made me appreciate how small updates such as the addition of a beautiful table lamp, subtle up-lighters or even simply using different types of light bulbs could completely transform a space and also the way that we use that space on a day to day basis. So naturally, lighting was on my mind when it came to decorating our lovely new flat, but so was our budget. One of the perks of working in retail was the fabulous staff discount and occasional sample sale, which I of course made good use of. However, when I was searching online for affordable but stylish lighting solutions, I struggled to find what I wanted. I had a perfectly clear picture in my head of what I wanted (and knew what I was prepared to pay for it) but just couldn’t find it. So with a little push from by boyfriend, I decided to take the plunge, and do it myself…

Cue That Lighting Shop. (

That Lighting Shop is about bringing you on-trend lighting without the scary price tags. We offer simple design solutions that are flexible, affordable, but most importantly, beautiful. 

So after all this chatting, copious amounts of tea and probably one too many eccles cakes, I was persuaded to stand ‘naturally’ and smile for the camera against the backdrop of our beautiful (well lit) flat. For anyone who knows me, posing for the camera is not one of my favourite things to do, but for the sake of interior design, I did it.

So here is it, That Lighting Shop at Home.

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