How to create an East London Hipster Bar vibe in your own home

Cage Lamp


Why we love it-

Walk into any hipster bar or restaurant in London right now and you will struggle to miss the scores of cage lights suspended within. Whether suspended from air-con ducts, floating above bar areas or glowing against bare-brick walls, these cages are more often than not accompanied by vintage style filament bulbs to create the ultimate stripped-back, industrial look which we can now create in our own homes.

Black and Gold Cage Lamps Suspended

Why you’ll love it-

The design of the Cage Lamp is a perfect example of form following function. A modern take on an old-fashioned work lamp, our modernised Cage Lamps form allows the lamp to be used in a variety of ways without risking damage to the bulb inside.

Black Cage Lamp

Perfect for use on sideboards, desks or even bedside tables, the Cage Lamp can be suspended, stood upright or rested on its side to suit what you are doing and the direction of light required.

Gold Cage Lamp

The two meters of braided fabric cable also means you have plenty to length to reach the closest plug socket without being limited to where the lamp can be positioned and we’ve also included an inline switch on the Bakelite lamp holder for convenience.

Black Cage Lamp detail

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