How would you describe Scandinavian style?

Ask anyone to describe Scandinavian style and they might make suggestions such as its understated aesthetic, functionality, use of natural materials, and perhaps a muted colour scheme of whites, greys and blacks. But whilst the perimeters of Scandi design go way beyond these basic aesthetics, its not a bad place to start.

At That Lighting Shop, we want to introduce you to our own little piece of Scandi inspired design, in the form of our range Silicone Lighting. 


Silicone E27 Range from £18 


With their understated aesthetic, our Silicone Pendants, Lamps and Wall Lights all follow the basic principles of being affordable and functional, whilst demonstrating a minimalistic silhouette and monochrome colour palette. Our Silicone range is available in black, white or grey and all come with 3 meters of matching coloured braided cable as standard. 


Grey silicone

Silicone E27 Pendant, £20


Silicone E27 Wall Lamp, £24


Solid Birch Wall Bracket, £6

or as part of our Silicone E27 Wall Lamp


Silicone E27 Lamp with plug, £18

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