Expecting guests over the summer holidays?

The summer holidays have officially arrived, and whether that means you are jetting off somewhere exotic, cramming the car full to go camping or simply hosting family and friends at home, there is one thing you should not be without; the hammam towel.

I've already banged on in previous posts about how great these towels are for taking on holiday (lightweight, highly absorbent... can be accessorised as a sarong or scarf, remember?) but these beautifully soft, hand woven towels are also perfect for use at home, especially in the bathroom.

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With the likely influx of guests and entertaining over the summer holidays, our range of hammam towels make the perfect alternative to your regular bathroom/guest towels. Now, I love the sumptuous feel of freshly laundered Egyptian cotton towels as much as the next person, but during the summer months when the weather is warmer (debatable at the moment, I know) and the heating is off, the hammam towel really does come into its own as the towel de jour.

Neutral tones | Hammam towels bathroom accessories


Ultra thin yet insanely absorbent, our hammam towels do not get weighed down and heavy when wet. They are also extremely fast drying, which means no damp towels left laying limply on the towel rail hours after you last showered. 

Available in a range of sophisticated neutrals and jewel coloured brights and from only £19, we are confident that you will find the right combination of hammam towels to suit your bathroom or ensuite. To shop the full collection CLICK HERE. 

Affordable bathroom updates | Hammam Towel Set

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