Say Hello to Uuni 3...

The award winning Uuni is the worlds first and most popular wood-fired oven. Founded by Finnish born Kristian Tapaninaho, Uuni was designed to revolutionise the way we cook outdoors. Uuni (pronounced ‘ooo-nee’ and meaning oven in Finnish), produces delicious wood-fired flavours to create the ideal meal, anywhere. Reaching temperatures of 500 °C within just 10 minutes of lighting, means that you can cook an authentic wood-fired pizza in less than 60 seconds.

So what is new with Uuni 3?

An evolution of the highly acclaimed Uuni 2S, Uuni 3 fuses the brand’s distinguished Nordic design with a number of new features, including an insulated body which creates more heat efficiency as well as a new grate and hopper to load the wood pellets in, which enables more accurate temperature control for consistent cooking. Uuni 3 also has three legs instead of four making the Uuni even more stable on any surface and will be soon be upgradable with the forthcoming gas burner.

Uuni is powered by our premium wood pellets which are a highly sustainable form of fuel that is energy dense, environmentally friendly and even better... cheap! The pellets ignite easily and reach up to 500°C within 10 minutes from cold, which enables you to cook things really fast. Uuni is not just for cooking pizza; why not try cooking steaks, fish, vegetables or anything else that requires a short cooking time.

The beauty of Uuni is that it is truly portable, so you can enjoy authentic wood-fired pizza where ever you would like. Uuni 3 has a new chimney clip mechanism, making it easier than ever to pack up and move - so whether heading to the hills or hitting the beach, all you need is your Uuni and its carry bag.

Nordic design
Designed to revolutionise the way we cook outdoors and made to last a life time, Uuni 3 is made of beautifully brushed stainless steel so it is fine to be outdoors all year round. The stainless steel will weather and age over time but it will not rust and just keeps on performing.


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