Bedside Lighting- It's time to get creative

Bedside Lighting- It's time to get creative

Bedroom lighting is something that can easily be overlooked and yet it can have such an impact on the room in which we start and end each and every day. At the end of a long day, the bedroom is the place where many of us get comfy and escape with a Kindle, snuggle up and watch a film and on occasion, have to prop ourselves up to finish that last bit of work before tomorrows deadline. As we try to squeeze that little bit more into our already hectic 24 hours, the room where the magic happens is becoming a far more utilised area than ever before.

Our bedrooms have become extensions of our living space, so creating the right atmosphere and lighting levels has never been more important. A bedroom should have multiple light sources, used to build layers of light and create ambience. Most bedrooms have a central light source in the form of a pendant or pendants, to which a dimmer switch is great way to control the light levels to suit your mood. Thus in turn allows for additional lamps to be used to create areas of interest or focus around the room. Cue the humble bedside lamp.


When you think of a bedside lamp, you wouldn’t be alone if the first thing you picture is a boring wooden table lamp base with an ‘oh so’ dull shade. Thankfully, bedside lighting now come in such a variety of different shape and sizes, that they no longer have the sole purpose of just being a convenient bedside light source. Instead, bedside lighting has become playful, experimental and most importantly flexible. Whilst maintaining their functionality, bedside lighting can now be found in the form of sculptural ‘objets d'art’, pendants, or simply a bare bulb suspended in place by a beautiful length of fabric coated flex.

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When space is a premium, pendants or suspended lights are the perfect solution, as they free up all-important space on your bedside table, especially for that first cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning. With the use of a small hook from your local hardware shop, a pendant can be positioned and suspended over a bedside table or dressing table to create sleek and stylish look to your room.

Wrapping lamps around brackets or coat hooks to secure your lamp into position is also another way to keep the lamp off of your bedside table. Again, this way saves that essential space on your beside table but also allows for the height of the lamp to be adjusted with ease.

If you want to avoid the hassle of wiring any lights directly into the mains, lamps with a plug and an in-line switch make for the most convenient and fool proof option out there. However, it is always worth checking that there is enough cable to allow you to reposition the lamp to suit what you are doing. Too little cable and you’ll be restricted to where you can position the lamp, too much cable… well, it could be worse!

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