The secret of The Crown and Shuttle pub, London

'Where louche lives on...'

Once renowned as one of the most sordid and sleazy strip clubs in Shoreditch, The Crown and Shuttle has kept it's fair share of secrets throughout its shady past. However, these days The Crown and Shuttle has since risen from the ashes and come back as the ultimate 'East London boozer you have all been waiting for.'


But what is their (not so dirty) little secret this time round, I hear you ask?

The answer... That Lighting Shop.


The Crown and Shuttle outdoor bar

That Lighting Shop proudly supplies The Crown and Shuttle with our bestselling Vintage Tear Drop Squirrel Cage Filament Bulbs which can be seen scattered throughout the entire pub and even its amazing beer garden.

The Crown and Shuttle

Against the backdrop of exposed brick walls, eclectic mix n' match furniture and accessories, our Vintage Bulbs create a warm and welcoming atmosphere which is perfect for sitting back and enjoying a pint of London ale. 

The Crown and Shuttle 

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The Crown and Shuttle

Want to recreate this look at home? All you need are the following products:

Tear Drop Squirrel Cage Bulb



1. Vintage Tear Drop Squirrel Cage Filament Bulb £7







2. Antique Brass Style Pendant Light Fitting from £28






For more information on The Crown and Shuttle, visit their website:

That Lighting Shop at Country Living 2015

We were delighted to be asked to create the lighting displays for the Hype Design stand at the Country Living Spring Fair in London this week, and to also have our own space for selling at the event. Against the backdrop of the colourful and quirky kitchen and home ware, we displayed a variety of our best selling products including our Antique Brass Drop-Caps, Tapered Glass Pendants, Silicone E27 Pendants and a selection of our Vintage Filament Bulbs and accessories.



Silicone E27 Pendants


Tapered Glass Pendant

The Country Living Spring Fair was a great opportunity for us to meet new customers and we really enjoyed seeing people browsing and purchasing our lights throughout the event. We are looking forward to seeing photos of our happy customers new lights up in their homes very soon!