Expecting guests over the summer holidays?

The summer holidays have officially arrived, and whether that means you are jetting off somewhere exotic, cramming the car full to go camping or simply hosting family and friends at home, there is one thing you should not be without; the hammam towel.

I've already banged on in previous posts about how great these towels are for taking on holiday (lightweight, highly absorbent... can be accessorised as a sarong or scarf, remember?) but these beautifully soft, hand woven towels are also perfect for use at home, especially in the bathroom.

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With the likely influx of guests and entertaining over the summer holidays, our range of hammam towels make the perfect alternative to your regular bathroom/guest towels. Now, I love the sumptuous feel of freshly laundered Egyptian cotton towels as much as the next person, but during the summer months when the weather is warmer (debatable at the moment, I know) and the heating is off, the hammam towel really does come into its own as the towel de jour.

Neutral tones | Hammam towels bathroom accessories


Ultra thin yet insanely absorbent, our hammam towels do not get weighed down and heavy when wet. They are also extremely fast drying, which means no damp towels left laying limply on the towel rail hours after you last showered. 

Available in a range of sophisticated neutrals and jewel coloured brights and from only £19, we are confident that you will find the right combination of hammam towels to suit your bathroom or ensuite. To shop the full collection CLICK HERE. 

Affordable bathroom updates | Hammam Towel Set

NEW | 100% Natural Jute Rugs

NEW | 100% Natural Jute Rugs

Round Jute Rugs UK | Decorative, Rustic, BohoBring some natural beauty and texture to your floor with our range of 100% natural and sustainable jute rugs. Skillfully hand woven by artisans in India , these jute rugs exude a rustic charm that will compliment a wide range of interiors and styles.
Intricately braided using age old traditional techniques, these rugs are perfect for adding a layer of texture to any room. Ideal for use in hallways, living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms, jute is a hard wearing, robust material that can withstand high volumes of traffic. These rugs are so durable, they can even be used outside! Use as an alternative to picnic blankets at your next summer BBQ and try scattering these rugs on your lawn or patio creating alternative seating areas. 

Large Round Jute Rug UK
Large Round Jute Rug UK
Alternatively, you can use these rugs as wall art. They look incredible hung on a white washed wall over a sofa or bed, creating a beautiful and alternative focal point. With laser-cutting being a major trend this season across fashion and homeware, these rugs are a must for any style conscious home owner. Delicate detailing and earthy tones will add an instant update to any interior, whether your style is minimal or traditional... So the question is, how will you use yours? 
Large Round Jute Rug | Wall Art UK
 CLICK HERE to shop the full range.
The Ultimate Travel Accessory | The Hammam Towel

The Ultimate Travel Accessory | The Hammam Towel

Yellow Cali Hammam Towel | Bali & Gili Islands

Shortly after the arrival of our new range of Hammam Towels here at That Lighting Shop HQ, we were off on a well-earned and overdue holiday to Indonesia. We were going island hopping around Bali and the Gili Islands and I was told by the Mr that we would not be taking suitcases and that one (large-ish) rucksack would be enough for the both of us. Challenge accepted.
Being acutely aware that I had to be space savvy with my packing, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to test how practical and versatile our Cali and Ibiza Hammam Towels really were.
Yellow Cali Hammam TowelIbiza Hammam Towel, GreyCali Hammam Towel, BlueIbiza Hammam Towel, Biscuit
Firstly, I decided to pack x3 towels which equates to about the same capacity as x3 t-shirts. So in my opinion we were off to a good start. Predictably, the rest of the packing was not so straightforward. However we made it to the airport with one pretty stuffed rucksack and a trusty Longchamp holdall (plus an additional Hammam towel that I panic packed at the last minute...).
With a 17-hour flight ahead of us, it was time to get comfy. Once the screaming child in the row behind us finally settled down (4 hours in), I said no thank you to the complimentary blanket that was so static it made my eyebrows stand on end and decided to snuggle up under the Cali Hammam Towel that I had shoved into my Longchamp as we legged it out of the house. It was perfect, long enough to cover me head to toe and beautifully soft…. The next few hours went by in no time!
Cali Hammam Towel, Yellow
Over the following 2 weeks, our adventure took us through the jungle of Ubud, to the paradise islands of Gili and back to the Surf Capital of Uluwatu, and there was not a day that went by where we didn’t have our fail-safe Hammam towels in toe. They are super lightweight and absorbent which was a lifesaver when the tropical heat got a bit too much and you just had to dive into the nearest pool or dip in the sea to cool off. What was even better was that they dry so quickly that was is no laying around on slightly damp, sticky towels…oh no… by the time you strolled to the nearest coconut stall and back, the towels were bone dry. (Impressed yet?)
Cali Hammam Towel, Yellow
Mid week we got all of our clothes and towels laundered. I knew that the Hammam towels would get softer after approximately 3 washes, but already after only one wash the cotton was noticeably softer, almost like a pashmina. That evening when we were heading out for dinner, I caught sight of my pretty rouged shoulders in the bathroom mirror. Embarrassed and annoyed at myself for managing to get so sun burnt I decided to wear an Ibiza Hammam as a shawl. As a practical cover-up to hide my burnt bits, it worked perfectly. However, I actually loved how it looked, so I think I’ll be keeping a Hammam handy for those chilly nights back home in the UK.
So overall, I’m sold. These Hammam towels are possible the most elegant and coveted travel accessory around and I can’t imagine myself going on holiday without one ever again. What’s more, I’m even considered replacing all of my bathroom towels with Hammams for the summer months… I’ve just got to decide on which colour!

"Made from 100% Turkish cotton, our range of hammam towels have been skillfully hand woven by artisans on traditional wooden looms in Turkey. Flat woven, patterned with thin stripes with hand knotted fringe detailing, these beautifully soft hammam towels are highly absorbent, quick drying and extremely lightweight; easily becoming your most elegant and coveted travel accessory."
Cali Hammam Towel, Yellow