Premium Wood Pellets, 10kg
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Premium Wood Pellets, 10kg

Uuni is powered by wood pellets which are a highly sustainable form of fuel that is energy dense, environmentally friendly and even better... cheap! One 10kg bag is enough to provide you with 7-10 hours of continuous cooking, although you only need to use around 300g's to get your first pizza cooking. 

Clean and easy to handle, our premium wood pellets have the lowest CO2 output than any other UK wood pellet and will reach 500°C from cold within 10 minutes.


Dimension: 6mm diameter (+/- 1mm)

Material: Spruce and Pine from sustainable UK forests

FSC and Rainforest Alliance accredited

Ash content 0.7%

Moisture content 7.5%

*Unfortunately our Wood Pellets are not available for delivery to Australia, United States or Canada